VMSMEA Software

Experience full visibility of your vessel operations and access it’s data including real time position, course, and speed as well as catch reports regardless of vessel location with VMSMEA’s tracking and monitoring systems. Our system helps you understand the exact location of the vessel once they leave port and throughout their journey.

VMSMEA’s devices and service are very stable and reliable. They are highly programmable and configurable. Vessel activity can be analysed with alerts, notifications and reports including vessel sailing routes, speed, location, heading, longitude, time and date and restricted zones–which can be combined with other data sources to prevent fatal situations by deploying rescue teams on time and ensure a safe journey.



Alerts when a vessel idles for more than a specified amount of time

High Speeding

Alerts when a vessel exceeds an imposed maximum speed

Tracker Unplugged

Alerts if the tracking device is unplugged from the vessel

After-hours Activity

Alerts if a vessel is active before or after working hours

Location Arrival & Departure (Geofence)

Notifications when a vessel arrives at or departs from a location

Ignition On & Off

Notifications when a vessel’s ignition is turned on or off


Automated, scheduled reports for daily, weekly and monthly activity. Reports include vessel details, operators name, activity, speeding, idling, boundary alerts, KM/NOTs consumed and many more

Mobile App

User level mobile apps for both android and IOS