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Dual Mode Tracking

This technology uses a combination of Cellular Network as well as Satellite connection to provide resilient and reliable communications service. When the cellular network is weak or not available, it instantly switches to satellite mode to maintain accurate and timely updates until a stable cellular connection is established.

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ST 9100

Easy Integration

The ST 9100 offers a flexible programming environment that supports the development of custom solutions, as well as support for configurable terminal apps. In fact, you can combine terminal apps with your own code to create a custom solution to speed time to market.

Airtime Savings

Use cellular or automatically switch between cellular and satellite connectivity for significant cost savings. In addition, the ST 9100 can be programmed to process data and send only important updates over the air, reducing connectivity costs.


Standard features include multiple I/Os, including analog/digital, 2 RS232, 1 RS-485/J1708, 1-Wire and 2 CANbus. 3-Axis accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity and multiple SIMs are also supported.

Continuous Operation

The ST 9100 features a backup battery that enables reporting for more than 48 hours with 1-minute cellular reporting or 60-minute satellite reporting when power is interrupted.

MT 5000

Enhanced satellite and terrestrial communication

Created for small-craft fleet operators, maritime authorities and enforcement agencies, the MT 5000 delivers vessel location data, maximizing maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance. It is easy to install and supports vessels of all types and sizes.

Emergency notification

Finding a vessel in distress quickly is critical to mitigating the effects of maritime accidents. The MT 5000 features an alert button that communicates a distress signal and location. A safety clip prevents the button from accidental engagement.

Tri-mode location broadcasting

The MT 5000 is a CLASS B transmitter, broadcasting Automatic Information System (AIS) messages to nearby vessels and coastal AIS stations, along with the satellite AIS network. But the MT 5000 also communicates with the satellite M2M network, creating the world’s first tri-mode vessel tracker. This unique combination delivers more reliable and comprehensive fleet location data. The MT 5000 brings the power of reliable tracking to smaller vessels.

Position reporting

  • Position update: GPS position update every 60 seconds.
  • Reporting interval: programmable, based on time intervals or distance.
  • Data delivery: Tri-modal — terrestrial AIS, satellite AIS, ORBCOMM M2M satellite messaging.

Why choose us

  • Seamless communication in remote areas.
  • Avoid cellular Blind Spots with reliable satellite global coverage.
  • Efficient data transmission like GPS position, sensor and vehicle alerts, text messages, etc.
  • Maintain round-the-clock vessel visibility and security.