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Terrestrial VHF

Our location transmitters enable the localization and monitoring of moving objects in a specific area using VHF radio technology. Transmission to special frequencies, alert mode, geofence setup, tamper functionality and much more are possible.

A VHF transmitter (VMSMEA) is the single most important and reliable VHF system for instant ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications intended mainly for short range communications. They save lives and are easy to use, moreover, being effective than mobile phones makes having a VHF a necessity no matter how small your boat is.

Related products

VMS Track Pro - VHF Based Tracking (AIS)

Real-Time Vessel & Object Monitoring By VHF

The system allows persistent locating and monitoring of vessels and moving objects in a special area via VHF technologies

Emergency Distress Button

By triggering the alert function, additional to the regular position report on special frequency, an official emergency message will be sent out on both regular AIS frequencies to reach every AIS receiver within transmission range of the vmsTRACK.

Palm-Sized For Every Request

The vmsTRACK-PRO-CS is a small portable “grab’n’go” position transmitter, which broadcasts in a pre-set time interval via VHF radio frequencies. It is suitable for fishermen, vessels, leisure boats, ski jets, harbour crafts, pilot vessels, etc. The system is expandable to a full target management system.

Tamper-Proof Solution With Geo-Fencing

If the unit is stolen or tampered or the geo-fence-function is triggered, an intelligent high-tech solution will trigger a flashing LED to inform the vessel’s Captain. A special message is also sent to the base station.

easyRESCUE - VHF Based tracking AIS

Quick Response with Dual Alarm System

The AIS MOB easyRESCUE-PRO combines with AIS and the DSC Distress Call two different alarm functions in one device and is the perfect solution for the “man overboard” emergency. The victim’s position is updated every minute and transmitted 8 times per minute for at least 96 hours. Because in an emergency every second counts!

Fast and Easy to use

The easyRESCUE-PRO needs no additional accessory. The device is ready to use, grab‘n‘go! An AIS receiver and a DSC controller are strongly recommended as a radio equipment, only then a fast and effective rescue operation can be conducted by the internal crew.

DSC(Distress Call) transmitter and receiver

“Closed loop” DSC alarms can be sent to up to 8 programmable DSC vessel IDs. “Open loop” DSC alerting (All ships call) is received by common DSC stations (Basestation, Class A, B, D and H) and can be acknowledged by Base and Class A stations.


The easyRESCUE-PRO (BT) rescue transmitter has an integrated Bluetooth-LE module. This allows an easy and fast programming of the up to 8 different MMSI numbers in the rescue transmitter.

MT 5000

Enhanced satellite and terrestrial communication

Created for small-craft fleet operators, maritime authorities and enforcement agencies, the MT 5000 delivers vessel location data, maximizing maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance. It is easy to install and supports vessels of all types and sizes.

Emergency notification

Finding a vessel in distress quickly is critical to mitigating the effects of maritime accidents. The MT 5000 features an alert button that communicates a distress signal and location. A safety clip prevents the button from accidental engagement.

Tri-mode location broadcasting

The MT 5000 is a CLASS B transmitter, broadcasting Automatic Information System (AIS) messages to nearby vessels and coastal AIS stations, along with the satellite AIS network. But the MT 5000 also communicates with the satellite M2M network, creating the world’s first tri-mode vessel tracker. This unique combination delivers more reliable and comprehensive fleet location data. The MT 5000 brings the power of reliable tracking to smaller vessels.

Position reporting

  • Position update: GPS position update every 60 seconds.
  • Reporting interval: programmable, based on time intervals or distance.
  • Data delivery: Tri-modal — terrestrial AIS, satellite AIS, ORBCOMM M2M satellite messaging.

Why choose us

  • Reliable and effective bidirectional data communication from ship-to-shore for vessel tracking and search & rescue operations
  • Efficient  marine traffic control.
  • On-time summoning the rescue services  in case of emergency with Panic switch available on the VHF transmitter and solution provided by VMSMEA
  • Geofence and Boundary alerts for the Coastal Guards & Boat owners.