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Satellite Tracking

A sophisticated technology solution and equipment for modern Vessel Tracking for enhanced communications, positioning facilities ensuring safe navigation. Quick response to unusual activities serves towards improved safety and security in commercial maritime transportation.

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ST 6100

Easy Integration

The ST 6100 includes comprehensive resources to facilitate integration into a wide range of custom solutions. The resources include development, testing and production environments, documentation, code samples, device-level configurable applications and free technical support.

Comprehensive Feature Set

The next generation ST 6100 leverages the latest technology advancements to offer enhanced functionality at great value. The internal antenna features exceptional low elevation angle performance, allowing one device to support both terrestrial and maritime applications. The terminal also features a built-in accelerometer, expanded memory capacity, and enhanced support for global navigation systems—GPS, Glonass and Beidou.

Global Satellite Connectivity

The ST 6100 delivers reliable global communications with uninterrupted visibility of operations and access to business-critical field data in even some of the world’s most remote locations. And because of its two-way connectivity, users can remotely control assets without sending workers to the field.

Fully Programmable

Lua scripting engine with core services. SDK with GUI development tools available. Lua software application and firmware upgradable over the air (SOTA, FOTA).
Core services: Geofence, data logger, position reporting, accelerometer events, serial communications.

ST 9100

Easy Integration

The ST 9100 offers a flexible programming environment that supports the development of custom solutions, as well as support for configurable terminal apps. In fact, you can combine terminal apps with your own code to create a custom solution to speed time to market.

Airtime Savings

Use cellular or automatically switch between cellular and satellite connectivity for significant cost savings. In addition, the ST 9100 can be programmed to process data and send only important updates over the air, reducing connectivity costs.


Standard features include multiple I/Os, including analog/digital, 2 RS232, 1 RS-485/J1708, 1-Wire and 2 CANbus. 3-Axis accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity and multiple SIMs are also supported.

Continuous Operation

The ST 9100 features a backup battery that enables reporting for more than 48 hours with 1-minute cellular reporting or 60-minute satellite reporting when power is interrupted.

Why choose us

  • Effective maritime monitoring, observation, and tracking.
  • Quick responses to unusual activity or threats to security.
  • High resolution satellite data ensures organized navigation and vessel manoeuvre. 
  • Port monitoring and alerting options.
  • Global Coverage (beyond terrestrial networks and VHF)