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A simple solution for every business. Being able to track and control the activity of your ship is just the beginning of all the benefits of Vessel Monitoring System.

Vessel Tracking not only regulates efficient functioning but also makes drivers more responsible because they are aware of being monitored all the time. It also signals the coastal station at the time of emergency, tampering or theft. This improves security of the people onboard. Know exactly what, where, when, and how ships are traveling with VMSMEA.

Fishing Vessel

Identifying and tracking fishing vessels is important in order to improve the safety of life at sea for hundreds of thousands of fishers worldwide as well as their ships. For the sustainable development of an industry which feeds millions of people, VMSMEA offers tracking and navigation solutions which helps in reducing risk and protecting search and rescue services; responsible fishing schemes; working conditions; and marine debris from fishing vessels.

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Private Yachts

Private Yachts are intrinsically more vulnerable to pirate attacks due to its relatively low freeboard and perceived high value. Our yacht tracking devices allow you to set up a remote monitoring system which will receive all the information you need making it less risky because you know exactly where your boat’s been cruising & have a record of all journeys.
It also helps to calculate fuel costs or rental duration.

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Monitoring of coastal buoy network is essential to fishing, shipping and recreational interests that acts as an important source of continuous real-time weather and wave information as well as markers for fisheries. VMSMEA provides devices equipped with technology best suited to buoy tracking and which has proven to offer a broad range of applications.

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Vessel Tracking

Our Vessel Monitoring services provide real-time, worldwide ocean coverage services. The AIS transceivers are used for tracking of ships no matter its location allowing the automatic electronic transmission of data on a periodic basis between ships and coastal installations.

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Commercial Vessel

When it comes to different types of ships going to sea, a vessel tracking system plays a very important role for especially
for commercial vessels by bringing about long-range connectivity not only between ships and coast guards but also
among ships as well. VMSMEA is playing a crucial role by bringing advance tracking solutions for efficient tracking,
monitoring and route navigation which ensures security and efficient traffic management.

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