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The safety of navigation is always an important task for the maritime transport to reduce undesirable circumstances and to increase productivity. 

Monitoring of coastal buoy network is essential to fishing, shipping and recreational interests that acts as an important source of continuous real-time weather and wave information as well as markers for fisheries. 

VMSMEA provides devices equipped with technology best suited to buoy tracking and which has proven to offer a broad range of applications.

There are numerous applications for buoy data such as climate prediction, meteorological and oceanographic research. It also aids fisheries by transmitting regular sea surface temperature which proves to be an important tool to find many different species of fish. It also helps locate missing or overdue boats.

Our equipment provides uninterrupted communication between all sea-going vessels and maritime buoys in some of the most remote areas of the world. Optimize fishing operations and reduce fuels cost by effectively tracking the location of fishing buoys.


  • Aid fishing operations by providing accurate markers.
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs of fishing operations.
  • Track or locate missing vessels.
  • Environmental assessment and management.
  • Maintain safety at sea.


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