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The has been a significant increase in national and international trade via shipping over the past decade and is expected to continue increasing rapidly. Both more ships and larger ships will contribute to this trade. VMSMEA offers near-continuous real-time position location monitoring of shipping traffic using marine Automatic Identification Systems (AIS).

When it comes to different types of ships going to sea, a vessel tracking system plays a very important role especially for commercial vessels by bringing about long-range connectivity not only between ships and coast guards but also among ships as well. 

VMSMEA is playing a crucial role by bringing advance tracking solutions for efficient tracking, monitoring and route navigation which ensures security and efficient traffic management.

Vessel monitoring systems (VMS) are considered important instruments for vessel monitoring, control, and surveillance. The essential function of the system is to provide near-real time vessel position; the potential applications could, however, be more than that.

VMS helps in situations like man overboard and abandon ship casualties. It allows ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and shore-to-ship communication of information, including vessel identity, position, speed, course, destination, and other data of critical interest for navigation safety and maritime security.


  • Easily detect oil spills, ship collisions, “man overboard” situations, etc.
  • Efficient data transmission like GPS position, sensor and vehicle alerts, text messages, etc.
  • Maintain round-the-clock vessel visibility and security. 
  • High resolution satellite data ensures organized navigation and vessel manoeuvre.


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