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Automatic Identification Systems have potential to provide unprecedented remote monitoring. Satellite AIS and VHF tracking are some of the most exciting technologies that revolutionize the working practice by increasing efficiencies and improving profitability. 

They are easier to deploy, and these networks will provide improved tracking and monitoring of operations and activities through constant monitoring of a larger set of parameters.

Private Yachts are intrinsically more vulnerable to pirate attacks due to its relatively low freeboard and perceived high value. Our yacht tracking devices allow you to set up a remote monitoring system which will receive all the information you need making it less risky because you know exactly where your boat’s been cruising & have a record of all journeys. It also helps to calculate fuel costs or rental duration.


  • Easily check up on the status of your boat, wherever you are.
  • Track fuel consumption and also get notified in case of tampering.
  • Set boundaries – receive an alert if the boat drifts beyond a defined radius.
  • Ensure safety of the passengers and your assets.


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