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The introduction of vessel monitoring systems (VMS) as a surveillance and enforcement tool has revolutionized the functioning of maritime traffic by providing effective and efficient management solutions. VMS are used by authorities to check that a vessel is working at a time, and in an area, where it is allowed to do so. It also helps to contact base stations at a time of potential infringements or tampering, provides distress call functionality for emergency conditions.

Our Vessel Monitoring services provide real-time, worldwide  ocean coverage services. The AIS transceivers are used for tracking of ships no matter its location allowing the automatic electronic transmission of data on a periodic basis between ships and coastal installations. 

Research has shown that 80 to 85% of all recorded maritime accidents are directly due to human error or associated with human error. Safety is an important element of marine navigation and control. 

AIS  data provides valuable input parameters in ship traffic control for maritime risk analysis and the prevention of shipping accidents. Our tracking equipment aboard vessels continuously and autonomously transmits information about the vessel including its identity, position, course, and speed to enhance safety and operation.


  • Effective maritime monitoring, observation, and tracking
  • Instantaneous and effective implementation of search-and-rescue operations
  • Efficient marine traffic control and Geofence and Boundary alerts for the Coastal Guards & Boat owners.
  • Seamless communication in remote areas


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